Four letters and one number.
An essential gene for the neurodevelopment and many other functions in our body.
Its mutation in conception can bring on Vulto-Van Silfhout de Vries Syndrome, ASD, Intellectual Deficiency, Apraxia, Developmental delay. The identification of this mutation, in Brazil, is only possible by EXOME. More than 100 researches carried out so far. Much has been seen, but for our children there are still many unanswered questions, difficulties, convulsions and other daily challenges. We want to go further. With responsibility, transparency, proximity between families and science, faith and commitment, we believe that research can help each of these people to have a better quality of life, communication and social participation.




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We are an Institute for the promotion of research on DEAF1. Legally we are a non-profit association.


Our principles are transparency, ethics, the right to science, translation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, respect for life from its inception and socio-economic-environmental responsibility.


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Vulto-Van Silfhout de Vries Syndrome are one of the conditions associated with the mutation in DEAF1 gene, with heterozygous genetical aspect. With subtitles in english, french and spanish.


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Transparency is one of our founding principles.


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"Scientific progress must be illuminated with the light of faith, so that they respect the centrality of the human person."

Pope Francis

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Science is knowledge that comes from many, many experiences, studies, debates and collaborations. In this spirit, we join those who wish to deepen the knowledge of this gene, which is so important and essential for neurodevelopment and which has a direct impact on the Vulto-Van Silfhout de Vries Syndrome.


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