Meet our partners

Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits supports the Institute with discounted or free tools to support our digital presence and achieve our social goals.

Techsoup Brasil

Techsoup Brasil offers technological and educational products to Non-Profit Organizations selected according to their social responsibility criteria

Instituto Vidas Raras

Instituto Vidas Raras aims to promote the constitutional rights of people with rare diseases in situations of social vulnerability.


We are associated with FEBRARAS – Federação Brasileira de Associações de Doenças Raras.

Casa Hunter

A Casa Hunter is a non-profit organization that seeks public solutions and awareness of the private sector and society for people with rare diseases.

Aliança Rara

Aliança Rara is a collective of Rare Disease Associations that came together without formalization to exchange experiences via WhatsApp group

Ciência Rara

Ciência Rara is a blog and video blog by biologist Michelle whose mission is to translate, in a simple and accessible way, the basic concepts of science involved in the world of rare diseases.

Observatório de Doenças Raras

Observatório de Doenças Raras aims to strengthen the scientific and welcoming link between the University of Brasilia and the associations of Rare Diseases